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Working to bring better internet connectivity options to Summit County, OH residents and businesses.

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Summit County Surveys Residents for Fiber Needs in Underserved Areas and Job Hubs with Feasibility Study

Summit County, Ohio – Summit County is surveying sesidents to determine needs for fiber in underserved areas and job hubs.

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Summit County Releases RFQ for Fiber Ring Engineering and Construction Services

Summit County, Ohio – The county hit another milestone in the development of their countywide Broadband Fiber Ring project, releasing an RFQ for Fiber Ring Engineering and Construction Services.

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Summit County Council Unanimously Approves Broadband Resolutions

Summit County, Ohio – County Council unanimously approved the first two resolutions that lay the foundation for work to begin on an ambitious long-term plan to expand broadband in the Northeast Ohio county.

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Fiber Internet in Summit County, OH

Broadband Expansion in Copley, Ohio

Broadband Expansion in Tallmadge, Ohio

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Summit County doing to improve internet options?


The Summit County Executive Office has been planning to expand broadband options in the county. With approximately $105 million in American Rescue Plan Act funds which are encouraged to be used for broadband infrastructure[1], the county is uniquely positioned to pursue this project.

The county intends to build a 125-mile[2] fiber ring connecting each of the 31 municipalities in Summit County. From there, the county intends to allow each municipality to determine whether they wish to expand service further. [3]

Summit county is proposing to spend $35 million on the fiber ring expansion and allocate an additional $25 million for community broadband fiber grants. These grants will serve as important matching funds to allow each locality additional financial resources to pursue connecting their residents.[4]

What experience does our local government have with broadband?


How can I make a difference to help expand broadband options in my community?